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5:30 pm:

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schoolgirl bound and gagged by burglars

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'We Share' Discussion Series Feb 19,26, 2:30 pm

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Food Pantry Need:  Canned Fruit . . . There is great need for help in our community.  Many people have lost their jobs because of current economic conditions.  Many families are depending on the Food Pantry to supplement their basic needs.  In addition to food items, the following are in need:  toilet tissue. paper towels, tooth brushes, tooth paste, etc.  Please place donations in the large basket in the foyer.

Girl shoots burglars

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"To proclaim Jesus Christ, and promote communities of Joy, Hope, Love and Peace."

We believe this means here and now – in Nauvoo, as well as throughout the world. We are a part of Historical Nauvoo, a community built to serve the Lord. We are active descendents of a rich heritage.